Parasols and Pancakes

Bright colours and Pancakes - what more could you want? Spring is coming, and it's Shrove Tuesday so we've listed our favourite ways to eat pancakes.

Spring is here!

Our new parasols Hugo, Rosanna and Dalya combine pink, yellow, blue, coral and orange to create the prettiest colourways. Inspired by the Harajuku fashion movement in Japan and the pastel toned photos of Slim Aarons in 1950s LA, these parasols are our new summer favourites.

From Left to Right: Hugo Round Bamboo ParasolRosanna Round Bamboo ParasolDalya Round Bamboo Parasol

Spring parasols

Spring colours

Spring is here and it's time to surround ourselves with brighter, hopeful hues. We've noticed people becoming braver with their colour choices over the past couple of years, something that has been reflected in interiors trends. 
 The pandemic radically changed how we see our homes, with other venues out of bounds our homes became havens, workplaces and sources of comfort and self expression. The rise in popularity of blush/millennial pink has been linked to our need to feel safe, and it's also a flattering shade to be surrounded by- but now our tastes are becoming more colourful as we embrace colours that feel optimistic, joyful and herald spring. If you're looking to step outside your comfort zone this Spring/Summer, look no further than our new pastel parasols. 

Hugo Round Bamboo Parasol

Dalya Round Bamboo Parasol

Rosanna Round Bamboo Parasol 

Molly Octagonal Parasol

On the topic of spring, we can't wait for the weather to get warmer and the days to feel longer. which means ... alfresco dining! It's time to upgrade your tableware and create the perfect table setting with our best picks listed below:

Artemest have a beautiful collection of colourful glassware ideal for mocktails and cocktails on a sunny weekend!

Montes & Clark have a gorgeous range of colourful tableware, including dinner plates, serving sets, bowls, butter dishes and more. We particularly like the Italian Ceramic Face Soup Bowl collection.

Kalinko Latha Rattan Table Mat, Artemest Go To Mini Orange GlassesMontes and Clark Italian Ceramic Face Soup Bowl, Montes and Clark Butter Dish

For more things spring and pastel inspired, you can check out our Pastel Heaven Pinterest board here.  


Japanese pancakes
How are you going to eat yours? Traditionally you'd be emptying your store cupboard before fasting for Lent. Lemon and sugar are a classic but we've scoured the internet for more unusual toppings to try this Shrove Tuesday.
In Canada they put coins or buttons in pancake batter, if you get a coin you will be rich and if you get a button you'll work all your life! They serve their fortune-telling pancakes with maple syrup, jam and sausages.
Caramelised apple must surely be among the most delicious toppings to put on a pancake. This recipe from Coco and Ash takes you through creating this treat.
Greek pancakes may be the very first documented pancakes in the world and they serve their thin tiganites pancakes with honey and walnuts. 
Japanese pancakes are extra thick and fluffy like jiggling crumpets. Stephanie from I am Food Blog has mastered the Japanese souffle pancake technique, for those feeling adventurous.
Australians have small, thick pancakes called pikelets. These are easy to make, allegedly 20 minutes from start to finish, and traditionally served with strawberry jam and cream.
Finally the most indulgent pancake recipe we could discover is the rose and cardamom coconut pancakes with raspberry butter. This recipe from Honey What's Cooking is perfect to spoil a very lucky loved one.