6 ideas to celebrate Easter

Easter is a fabulous occasion to feast and celebrate. We hope this year will be even more special than last, with the lockdown roadmap opening up from the 29th of March we can celebrate with 6 others outside! 

Dressing up your table is a sure way to get into the Easter spirit. Thoughtful details make a celebration even more personal and lovely. 

1. Now IN STOCK! Our Octagonal Parasols perfectly set the scene for your day. No matter where you stage your festivities our parasols provide instant glamour and elegance. Just look at our beautiful Green Aretha Octagonal Parasol! Its apple green zigzag outside and Jaipur pink underside are the perfect spring/ summer colour combination. The frame is handmade in Hampshire and it's a piece of craftsmanship you can enjoy for many years.
Green Aretha Octagonal Parasol outdoor dining


2. The Klimchi Hobnail Jug has been on our wish list for a long time. The 'it' jug is a statement piece of glassware, and will be the talk of the table. Handmade by a family company in Czechoslovakia. The soft shade of pink makes this the prettiest vessel for pouring your favourite party drinks. 

Klimchi Hobnail Jug in pink

3. We have an eggcellent idea for DIY fun. All you need are hard-boiled eggs, marker pens, paper and a hat. Get the whole family involved and create your very own celeggs. Everyone writes a celebrity's name on a piece of paper and puts it in a hat. Once all names are in, everyone pulls out a piece of paper and draws that celebrity on their egg. But this is crucial; you must not tell anyone who your celegg is - this is a guessing game! Once all eggs are ready everyone tries to guess who the eggs are. A seriously funny game that everyone can play. And, you can decorate your table with (or eat) them after. Egg-squisite!

Beatles Egg Celebrities 

4. A fundamental element to any feast is the food. If you'd like a day off cooking, Wild By Tart is an incredible intimate bespoke catering business with a restaurant in Belgravia. Serving nourishing, seasonal and wholesome food, their menu is an ensemble of dishes designed to share.
Wild By Tart Table Setting
5. Too pretty to be covered, these Polkra X Anna Glover Mirabilia Sunlight Placemats, are inspired by mythical animal and folklore creatures. 'Mirabilia' means miraculous events, marvels and things that inspire wonder - which these placemats clearly do. A stunning addition to any table.
Polka Placemats
6. Don't forget about comfort. Our bright Pom Pom Cushions are a decorative and comfortable way of dressing your chairs as well as your table. One side has a soft peacock print, and the other bold diagonal stripes so you can choose how much of a colour statement you’d like to make. 
Pom Pom Cushions in green, blue, yellow and orange