Businesses we'll be visiting on the 12th of April

FINALLY! Businesses will be reopening on the 12th of April, and we couldn’t be happier. There are a few that we can’t wait to visit, so much so, that we’ve made a list of our favourite ones. As a small business we’re big on supporting where we can, and this pandemic has hit all businesses, large and small. 

It’s time to take the tracksuit off, dust off your clothes, and explore your favourite shops again.

Liberty London exterior of building

Quintessentially British, Liberty’s has a long and respectable reputation for working with British brands and championing young designers at the start of their careers. Eclectic and floral the store boasts a dazzling exterior with a charming interior. It’s full of inspiration and delight, from the haberdashery upstairs to the gorgeous scents and flowers on the ground floor, it’s soul building. Also you can try on makeup instead of trying to order online and making an unfortunate guess about colour.

Above picture of The Scolt Head with East London Parasol's in their beer garden


Named after a small island just off of the North Norfolk coast, The Scolt Head pub is a our favourite pub. A family run business, siblings Rich and Rosie bought the pub together in late 2006 and they’ve done wonderful things to keep locals fed and entertained in lockdowns I, II, III and in between. Celebrity chef Nuno Mendez has created the menu and the beer garden is festooned with our parasols. 



Daunt books located in Marylebone London


Located in Marylebone, Daunt Books is one of London’s most attractive bookshops. Set inside an Edwardian building, you’ll find William Morris wallpaper, stained glass windows, a vaulted ceiling and walls packed with books. We would like to note that there is an impressive array of travel books, so get reading before the world opens up again. 


Charity shops:


Charity shop image


Walks haven’t been the same in our local areas since charity shops have had to close. A hidden treasure chest of goodies, you can spend hours zig zagging in and out of. While we have missed shopping for ourselves, with these shops closed they haven’t been able to sell and have lost out on important money that keeps these organisations going - it’s more important than ever to support and help these fantastic causes. We couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but thought it was important to include them as a collective. Also they’ll be packed full of glorious things we’ve all been clearing out during lockdown.



McCulloch & Wallis haberdashery exterior image


Having supplied the fashion trade in London with fine fabrics since 1902, MacCulloch & Wallis is a wonderful haberdashery that stocks literally everything! Once you’ve stepped inside the wonderfully welcoming premises, which are located on Poland Street (just off of Oxford St) it’s hard not to buy something. After the 12th of April, you’ll find us staring at the floor to ceiling threads and fabric. 




V & A Museum exterior


It’s hard to think that we have started 2021 without the ability to step foot into a gallery. Commercial galleries open on 12 April and the White Cube has a show by Jessica Rankin called ‘nostalgia for the infinite’ which opens on 13th, we’re looking forward to filling up the creative and cultural deficit after all this time in lockdown. 


Nook concept store London exterior of shop

The joy of browsing a concept store will be restored to us. Our local one, Nook, is a colourful Aladdin's cave of gorgeous homewares where you can lose yourself in reveries over a scrubbing brush or flecked enamel mug.



Aesop product shot


A beautiful store where you can fill your nose with complex and unfamiliar scents. Buying anything fragranced online is a challenge, we definitely made some mistakes with overly sweet scented candles, and now we can stock up on soaps, lotions and fragrances that we have tested and smelled and enjoy.