Styling with yellows- 5 steps to create a spring tablescape

Spring is here and a key interior colour trend for 2023 is yellow!

As our company motto is to 'live colourfully' we follow the colour trends keenly. Pantone's Empire Yellow is a the perfect shade for the coming months, it's “luminescent yellow that radiates joyfulness” and the Dulux Color of the Year 2023 is Wild Wonder, "a soft golden yellow with a subtle green undertone".

Yellow is associated with sunshine, hope, laughter, warmth, happiness, and energy. It’s an instant hit of cheer which you can bring into your outdoor space.

Using only yellow in a garden might be quite overwhelming... so we’ve chosen some easy ways to use this glorious colour effectively both in your garden and when entertaining alfresco. 

Read on for our 5 steps to create a yellow themed tablescape


The key is to add hints of yellow with complementary colors to create a beautiful and harmonious look. Blue, orange, purple, pink, and green are truly lovely with yellow. 

Yellow flowers are like sunshine!

And they’re the easiest way to add yellow to your garden. Some great options include sunflowers, daffodils, tulips, dahlias, roses and black eyed Susans (my personal favourite). To add depth and dimension to your garden, consider using different shades. For example, you could mix in light blue flowers with dark blue flowers or pink flowers with deep purple flowers. You could mix in pale yellow flowers with bright yellow ones or some yellow-orange flowers for a more subtle look.

Consider the season

If you're planning a yellow garden, it's important to consider the season. Some yellow flowers bloom in the spring, while others bloom in the summer or fall. Make sure to choose flowers that will bloom when you want them to. Black eyed Susans bloom until the end of August and they bring colour when other plants have begun to fade.

Balance the colours

To balance out the brightness of the yellow, it's important to mix in plenty of greenery. This will help create a more natural and harmonious look. Consider adding some green plants or shrubs, or even some yellow and green variegated plants.


Paint your pots 

Using containers and pots can be a great way to add pops of colour and texture to your garden. You can use decorated pots for your flowering plants, just make sure you give them lots of water. Perhaps paint your plant pots in a contrasting colour to the purple flowers such as lilac or light green. If you’re feeling creative this could be a great DIY project.

Yellow Accents

If you don't want to go all out with yellow flowers, you can add yellow accents to your garden instead. This could include yellow pots, yellow garden furniture, or a stunning yellow garden parasol such as the Dalya or Goldie Round Bamboo Parasol.


Yellow textiles and table decor

If you’re using your garden for entertaining then yellow textiles such as cushions (like our Yellow Suzani Cushion) or table decor will make everyone feel welcome and at home.


Suzani hand block printed cotton cushions


Here are our 5 steps to create a stunning yellow themed table setting for a summer lunch:


1. To allow the yellow accents to stand out, start with a neutral base such as a white tablecloth or beige placemats.

2. To add pops of yellow to your table, use yellow napkins, yellow flowers in a vase, yellow candles, or yellow placemats.


3. Mix in complementary colours to break up the look, such as blue, green, or purple. For example, you could use blue glasses, green plates, or purple napkin rings. Or a few purple flowers in your flower arrangement.


4. Using different textures on a table is very pleasing to the eye. Woven placemats, linen napkins, bamboo cutlery or a burlap table runner create a rustic and homely vibe.

5. Mixing patterns can be a fun way to add dimension to your tablescape. Try using a yellow striped table runner with patterned plates or floral napkins.

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