The Coronation Garden Party Styling Guide

The King’s Coronation on May 6th promises to be an occasion like no other, a uniquely British event that has inspired the nation to unite in celebration over the special Coronation Bank Holiday weekend.

Friends, families, and communities from across the UK, and every corner of the planet, will be welcomed to come together to mark this historic occasion. And it promises to be a long weekend filled with elaborate pageantry and celebration, encapsulating King Charles III’s vision for a 21st century monarchy.

As we approach the big day, many of us will be too young to remember the last coronation, which took place 70 years ago and saw crowds line the streets to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's official crowning. The longest-serving monarch in British history, the Queen’s legacy of optimism, service, and dedication to the country will be fondly remembered and much-admired during the Coronation of the King.

So, with just one week to go, now is the time to ensure every element of your Coronation celebration meets the royal seal of approval. And as the East London Parasol Company reveals, there is more than one way to style a party fit for a king.


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What is the Coronation?

The Coronation of the King is one of the most important and meaningful ceremonies in the world, steeped in history and tradition. It’s a momentous occasion for the monarchy, their people and their country; a ritual that has been performed for more than 1,000 years to mark the official start of a new monarch’s reign.

During the Coronation, the King is formally crowned and given a symbolic mantle of power, authority, and responsibility. The solemn religious service is at the heart of the occasion, an important symbol of the continuity of monarchy and of the power of the King as the head of state.

It’s a celebration of national identity and a chance for everyone to show their loyalty and support for the new King, bringing hope and inspiration for the future.

It’s also a wonderful time to celebrate all things traditional, from hosting street parties and picnics, to garden parties and tea parties with neighbours. As a nation we embrace our British roots and proudly celebrate our ancient glories, and by coming together this bank holiday weekend, we’re making memories that’ll be treasured for a lifetime.


When is the Coronation and how can we watch?

The celebrations will begin at 11am on Saturday 6th May, 2023 with The King’s Procession, where the King and Queen Consort will travel from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in the Gold State Coach. The much-anticipated service will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

After their crowning, they will return to the Palace, joined by other members of the Royal Family, who will appear on the balcony in all their splendour to conclude the day’s ceremonial events.

On Sunday 7th May a special Coronation Concert featuring British rock and pop icons performing alongside NHS staff, LGBTQ+ singers and a choir of refugees, will be staged and broadcast live at Windsor Castle on BBC One.

A brilliant ‘centrepiece’ moment will be marked with the ‘Lighting up the Nation’ – a dazzling display, which will see the country join together in celebration as iconic national landmarks across the UK are lit up using ‘projections, lasers, drone displays and illuminations.’

As well as the spectacular concert, The Big Lunch will encourage neighbours and communities to share brilliantly British feasts, fun and friendships, across the country. Created by the charity Eden Project Communities, its aim is to combat social isolation and loneliness by encouraging communities to get together and share an annual meal with their neighbours. There are no rules…let’s get neighbourhoods together in as big a way as possible!

The following day, members of the public will be invited to take part in The Big Help Out, celebrating volunteering groups and highlighting the positive impact volunteering has on communities across the nation. In tribute to the King's public service, the aim of The Big Help Out is to blend tradition with modern day and create a lasting volunteering legacy from the Coronation weekend.

Celebrating the Coronation in style

Homes, villages, town squares and even those around the globe will be staging joyous tea parties and Big Lunches over the long weekend to participate in the celebrations – from street parties and parks to the charming town of Windsor where millions will be welcomed to watch the events unfold from large screens which will decorate the shadow of the castle.

As we mark the King’s Coronation, and you welcome all your guests and loved ones by celebrating this momentous day in style, the East London Parasol Company have their top styling tips to dress your garden for Coronation celebrations.

We've compiled the ultimate guide to creating the most royalty-inspired coronation garden party, and help you, your family and friends turn moments into memories.

Styling your celebration with Red, White & Blue

Whether you’re hosting a sprawling feast fit for a king or an alfresco tea party with finger foods such as mini sandwiches, vol-au-vents, and cupcakes, create a statement floral display to add a bright and vivid centrepiece to your table setting.

Many spring gardens will be decorated with classic Union Jack decorations such as ribbons, bunting, lanterns and flags, with a quintessentially British colour palette of red, white, and blue. We love this fun, family-friendly theme as it’s easy to do and has a relaxed, vintage vibe.

union jack garden decor

Blue parasol garden party inspiration

Many of these colours are easy to incorporate into your own outdoor space and look no further than shades of blue such as cyan, navy or royal blue to create a cool and aesthetic setting. The glory of these lovely blue hues is that they also work well with patterns and neutral settings.

Among purple and violet, blue is a colour strongly associated with royalty — and the Queen's wardrobe choice was undoubtedly an example of that trend. Speculated to be her favourite colour, blue is also a colour deeply rooted in royal history and has long been associated with the monarchy, art, and military.

The Queen often favoured bright colours at big events so that she stands out from the crowd, and memorable and notable events have seen her dressed to perfection in shades of blue, dazzling her way through royal tours, state banquets and public engagements.

Our blue parasols are equally as striking and are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, offering both style and functionality. As we pray for a long weekend of sunshine and warmth, British weather is known to be notoriously unpredictable, but thankfully our blue garden umbrellas are made with the highest quality materials, so are durable and built to last, providing shade and protection from whatever weather comes our way.

cosima blue parasol

If you have a smaller garden or lots of foliage then a cool toned parasol will blend with the natural colours and can make your space look larger. Not only do our parasols come in a range of stunning blues, but they also boast unique and eye-catching designs that are sure to impress your guests.

With gardens filled with family and friends, homemade touches to your Coronation style can bring your party alive. Use bright colours and patterns, natural fabrics and flamboyant tablecloths for maximum visual impact, adding a statement piece from our collection, such as the Cosima in stunning royal blue, to complete your regal garden oasis.

Red parasol garden party inspiration

It's no secret the Queen's love of roses, as they were featured throughout all six of her private gardens. However, it is red and pink roses that continue to bloom in all of Her Majesty's gardens.

In addition to her love of roses, the Queen was also recognised for her bold use of colour when selecting her personal signature style which has reflected the sovereign as a British symbol of refined, regal elegance.

As the Queen’s style evolved over the decades, she always favoured vivid blues, intense greens and radiant reds in a variety of dramatic shades, frequently dressed in her trademark monochromatic matching coat and hat to public engagements.

She will be fondly remembered as our Queen of colour, and our own shades of red parasols would be perfectly in keeping with her exquisite style.

olivia red parasol

Making a bold statement in any outdoor space, with their uniquely hand-crafted designs, our range of parasols are available from vibrant cherry red to rich burgundy and would perfectly complement your regal themed garden décor.

Our stunning handmade parasols are perfect for a picnic, patio or through your table and are guaranteed to make your garden space colourful and glamorous.

You could consider elevating your outdoor ambiance and styling with our exceptional matching cushions and napkins for the perfect outdoor setting.

White parasol garden party inspiration

The final part of hosting a memorable coronation garden party is providing cool and refreshing drinks throughout the day, filled to the brim with delicious fruit.

Former royals have revealed that Pimm's is also a favourite at the Queen's Buckingham Palace garden parties, served with a traditional picnic tea of sandwiches and scones. It’s even been speculated that gin is likely to be added to the King’s Coronation menu and has been chosen to honour the late Queen Elizabeth’s favourite tipple.

And while the Queen's royal Pimm's recipe is perfect for the heatwave, the Queen had her own standout style of pastels and light colours to keep cool at garden parties which added an elegant and sophisticated style to her spring wardrobe.

Although it is customary for guests to avoid any white clothing to prevent upstaging the bride, Camilla's mother-in-law the Queen famously waived this rule and stepped out in a stunning pale ensemble as she attended the stunning royal wedding with her late husband Prince Philip.

We believe we’d fit in rather well at the palace garden parties with our own stunning range of carefully handcrafted and stylish white parasols.

holly white parasol

Our white range features a variety of designs, including tassels and animal prints from running leopards to soaring cranes that are sure to stand out. Each white garden umbrella is uniquely designed to provide ample shade while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Polka dots are a timeless classic, and this unusual printed parasol brings colour and pattern to any garden. This is an elegant style of sunshade for a patio, alfresco dining table, summer seating area or terrace.

 grace white parasol in garden

A combination of red, white and blue will be sure to make sure your garden is styled perfectly for a royal street party or picnic this weekend!