With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've been exploring the history behind the day and how the rest of the world celebrates this day of love. Need gift inspiration? We have a plethora of lovely love gifts and pink parasols perfect for styling out Valentine's Day.
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Traditions Around The World:
We're particularly fascinated by Japan where only women give gifts on Valentines Day. They give different types of chocolate to romantic partners, male family members and even co-workers. “Giri Choco” are “obligation chocolates” distributed among family members, co-workers and friends. “Honmei Choco” are  given to romantic partners. It's not all on the women though- one month later, on the 14th March, men are encouraged to give gifts back to the women who treated them, it's called White Day. 
Guide to Valentines Day and White Day in Japan
South Korea has a similar arrangement to Japan, however the singles who didn’t receive a present on either day congregate together on the 14th April to celebrate Black Day. They commiserate over black-coloured foods whilst complaining about their lack of intimate relationships. Some South Koreans take the tradition to a new extreme by going out in all black, including black nail polish. You may not have heard about Black Day as the advertising is almost non-existent! 
In England in the 1700s girls would place five bay leaves on their pillow on the eve of Valentine's Day, one at each corner and one in the centre to bring dreams of their future husbands. If they dreamt of their sweetheart they would be married before the year is over… 
The Welsh celebrate Valentine's day on January 25th, presenting carved love-spoons to their beloved. The spoons were carved with symbolic designs with a hidden meaning, for example, the number of beads attached represented the number of children they expected their partner to produce - the cheek! 
Bay Leaf Valentines Day Tradition

Gift Guide:

 Valentine's Day is a great excuse to go OTT with pink and spoil your beloved. A beautiful picnic at home under a parasol on its side, some beautiful cushions to lounge on, a feast of caviar and bubbles to set the scene. Keep reading for our pick of treats for your special someone.

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 We all agree flowers are lovely however, handmade gifts are significantly more meaningful and unique. If you need any inspiration take a look at a few of our ideas below: 

Recycling glass jars into a pot of magical tokens- a kiss, a cake, a hug, coffee in the morning... (the joy of this is that is can be a truly last minute gift, all you need is thought and a jar)

Homemade Chocolate Truffles - so straightforward to make and easy to personalise. We love to roll ours in coconut chips, cacao nibs or crushed nuts. A great recipe to follow is Sally’s Addiction here.

In Germany lovers bake gingerbread cookies to give on the day. So if truffles aren't your treat of choice why not experiment and try making a giant heart-shaped ginger biscuit. Nothing says ‘Ich lieber dich’ better than a giant heart-shaped ginger biscuit!

Celebrate with us


We LOVE picnics, and what could be more romantic than a Valentine's Day celebration a deux under a parasol? 

Pictured here is our Whitney Round Bamboo and Lime Suzani cushion.


Our glorious pink and red Fuschia Suzani cushion is hand block printed with love and filled with the finest duck down. The perfect prop for picnic or smooch. 

Petrossian Caviar

To really spoil your lover, why not try Petrossian Caviar- the way to any foodie's heart. Make sure to check out Petrossian’s blog for a range of delicious recipes using their finest ingredients.


This Valentine's Day we'll be toasting with British champagne and nothing beats West Sussex's Wiston Estate. The family owned vineyard has been producing award winning bubbles since 2006.  

Rosenhave Scented Candle

Who doesn't love candles? Candle brands Skandinavisk has the ideal scent for Valentines Day, their Rosenhave scented candle combines Alba Rose, Elderflower, Geranium and Blackcurrant buds. 


Sophia Round Bamboo Parasol

How could we mention only one of our gorgeous pink parasols? Our new favourites have to be the Sophia Round Bamboo Parasol and Rosanna Round Bamboo Parasol.


  However you choose to celebrate Valentines Day we hope you have a wonderful day!