Two of the most important sporting finals this summer are falling on the same day! There is clearly only one option... to celebrate into the night! How will you be celebrating on Sunday? With the Wimbledon finals at 2pm, and the Euro Cup finals on at 8pm - you'll need to make sure you're set up for the day.
We are here to help. From pizza, Pimms to the perfect set-up, we have you covered.. and we can't forget the hangover cure for Monday morning - after all it is a school night.
Octagonal Parasols side by side
As Parasol People we know that shade is important when sitting outside watching your favourite players. Our Liberace Octagonal Parasol (left) and our stunning Holly Octagonal Parasol (right), are perfect companions for an effortless dose of sophistication and glamour.
Watch the finals outside with a projector
If the weather holds up there is only one way to watch the finals- in the open air. Grab a projector and head outside to create an unforgettable experience. HOMPOW has a fabulous mini projector and screen for sale, so you can watch the matches wherever you want.
JAmie Oliver pizza receipe
The stats say everyone is ordering pizza during the games. We agree there is nothing better. Whether you have a pizza oven or a standard kitchen one (although we recommend this fabulous Ooni Koda 12 Gas Fuel Portable Oven), we suggest making your very own pizza's for the big day- check out this list of 25 unusual pizza toppings if you're looking to shake things up. Caramelised onion, apple and goats cheese, anyone?
Frozen pimms for refreshements

It's important to stay refreshed, and we adore a Frozen Pimm's Cup, courtesy of Delish's fab recipe! All you need to do is blend ice, Pimm's, ginger ale, lemonade, and ginger until smooth, pour into any glass of your liking and garnish with mint and fruit. TASTY!

When it comes to waking up the next morning with a stinking headache and a not so lovely feeling, Thrillist has us covered! They have tested out over 20 hangover cures, so you don't have to - read HERE!


If you use your stunning East London Parasol on Sunday, we would love to see all your fabulous photos. Tag us on Instagram with #lovemyparasol, or send them to us via email at!