Wimbledon WEEK 1 - Wimbledon Traditions

After a year without Wimbledon we are besides ourselves with excitement as our favourite event of the summer kicks off this week. We're fully immersing ourselves with all things Wimbledon for the next fortnight, which means all white, Pimms and strawberries & cream are essentials for participating in this
quintessentially British event.

The Wimbledon Championships were founded in 1877 and, at nearly 140 years old, are the oldest tennis tournament. Wimbledon fever has set in and we can't wait to incorporate all things tennis for the next fortnight!

All Whites
Vintage Wimbledon photos of tennis players in black and white
The Wimbledon Champions is the biggest fixture on the professional tennis calendar. The tradition that players have to wear all whites dates back to when people would play tennis at social events and sweating was viewed as improper... and thankfully sweat shows up less on whites than colour. Now we are in a post-sweat-shaming society it's just chic.
Setting the scene
Holly Octagonal Parasol in a field with a couch
We hope you've got a comfy sofa ready to glue yourself to. Ours will be under our Holly Octagonal Parasol. If we had to choose one our sofa pick would be the gorgeous Wodge Modular Sofa from Loaf (below)! Strap in tight as your parasol and sofa will be your best friend for the next few weeks.
Loaf sofa in coral
Hats are a must
If you're not on Centre Court you might need a hat for the matches. We'll be dressing up while watching at home, and thankfully, you won't have to worry about blocking the view of the observers behind you. We're lusting over the Yosuki panama hat (left), and Missoni Mare striped straw hat (right). J'adore!
Lay your table in style
Summer and vibrant napkins
Navy and green are the colours of Wimbledon and our napkins are a gorgeous colourful addition to your summer outdoor dining and for any sporting occasion. We'll be using ours to wipe away the strawberries and cream... obviously! We'll be eating off these amazing plates by our pals Maison Margaux.