Colour of the month - INDIGO

Colour lovers rejoice 💙

Indigo mood board with dress, couch, parasol, lamp, cushions and bag


We love bold and beautiful interiors, and this month we're focusing on the exquisite hue of indigo. With the temperatures dropping and night coming earlier- we're reaching for navy and black items of clothing. Dark blue is a wardrobe staple and there's no need to be scared of this deep and rich colour when it comes to interiors. This beautiful shade's deep tones act as a 'warm' hug that will create a cosy atmosphere wherever it is used winter or summer. 


 Indigo pigment crushed up

The word indigo stems from the Greek Indikon, meaning 'from India' but this amazing dye has been used in Egypt, China and Africa for thousands of years . Derived from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant, this blue dye was a rare commodity and was exclusively for royalty and the aristocracy that could afford it.

The popularity of indigo is inextricably linked to fashion. In the 17th century indigo enthusiasts discovered an easier cultivar called 'false indigo'. This cheaper dye was used to dye denim, and by 1863 a German chemist had made artificial indigo which conquered the world as the dye of Levi Strauss's patented denim work jeans.


Indigo cakes ready to be turned into powder 

Natural indigo is a fermented dye, created in vats of pounded indigo leaves activated with enzymes. The vats take time to mature and the dyeing process is slow. Its a beautiful and ancient technique which is vanishing- it survives in various places especially Kutch, Gujarat on the border between India and Pakistan- supported by amazing projects like Khamir


Nila sustainable organising in jaipur teaching the process of indigo

Today, much of the textile industry uses synthetic versions of the fermented natural dye. Amazing initiatives like Nila House in Jaipur, Rajasthan, work with natural dyers and weavers supporting their communities, creating valuable links between artisans, social enterprises, independent brands


Something Blue Home Kitchen and sitting room

We are constantly inspired by homes that use colour in a bold and unique way. After reading The Stylist's article with Angie Barron of Something Blue Home's renovation- we couldn't help but fall more in love with the comforting and calming shade. Her dark blue interior design is inspirational and makes decorating with blue feel accessible. As you can see in the image above- Angie elegantly styles a feature piece of velvet indigo furniture with her deep blue kitchen cabinets. Combining this powerful shade with neutral elements- like a cream piece of furniture- creates a sophisticated and chic look. 

Check out Something Blue Home's Instagram HERE.


Navy blue velvet sofa

Dark blue velvet sofas are a perennial feature on our wish list. This is a fashionable furniture staple that instantly adds a touch of classic luxury with its soft and touchable fabric. A showstopper in their own right- velvet pieces of furniture are a fantastic way to create a centre piece in your room, add texture and tie different decor choices together. Inspo from Conde Nast Property here


Lexi Octagonal Parasol outdoors

Complimentary dark tones work in creating scenes both indoors and out. At beautiful Anopura in Rajasthan we styled our Lexi Octagonal Parasol and Indigo Cushion (above) with natural materials and pared back colours. The exterior of our Lexi parasol is cream and understated with dramatic indigo tassels- but underneath the canopy you'll find a dance of Japanese -inspired cranes above your head- see below. 

Soaring cranes in our Lexi octagonal parasol.


Using colours well within the home is a fantastic way of creating a balanced environment. Indigo is known for being the colour of divine knowledge and high minds. It's the perfect colour to insert into 'quiet' places throughout your home, like a study, bathroom or bedroom. 

We hope our colour series will inspire you to be bold with colour. Our homes are more important than ever, we've spent so much time in them and colour is shown to affect our moods- it can even be used to holistically heal! 

Check out our Indigo Pinterest mood board for more interior and garden inspiration - HERE.