7 Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas

The run up to Christmas can be hectic and frenetic- we're prescribing a creative break. It's time to take everything down a notch, settle in and make some beautiful decorations for your home or to give to others. So turn on your fairy lights, put your favourite Christmas film on and unwind- there really is nothing as lovely as something made by hand. 

1. Hanging garlands  

It’s a Christmas tradition to hang mistletoe, holly, ivy and evergreens around the home, originally signifying eternal life and that spring will return after winter. If you are someone who loves hanging a wreath on your front door, this is a beautiful alternative that you can use inside your home. 

Botanic Blue has a helpful step by step guide on how to create one. You can easily buy wreaths from garden stores and online. For this piece you need two wreaths- one decorated with greenery, and the other with bells. However you can weave in baubles, ornaments, ribbons and flowers of your choice. We would recommend hanging your wreath above a table, entrance hall … or in every room of the house if you’d like. We’ll be suspending garlands from our hanging ceiling lamps and above our table, they provide a lovely extra level in a room, making it feel festive and cosy.

2. 3D star decoration 

Paper stars are a lovely way to decorate your home and you can experiment with different patterns of paper and create clusters of stars.

In Gathering Beauty’s guide, all you need to create this is a star template, scissors, pencil and paper glue. You can use your favourite craft paper or even the extra wallpaper you have lying around. In 13 easy steps you can create this chic Christmas decor to hang on a tree, be part of a tablescape, or propped up on your mantle above a warm and toasty fire.

3. Pomanders

Pomanders are historically known to bring good luck and health, and making them is a Christmas tradition dating back to the late Middle Ages. They're easy to make, all you need are oranges and cloves- simply stud an orange with cloves and then hang your pomander somewhere warm to dry. You can decorate them with gorgeous ribbons and they smell wonderful, exactly like Christmas. 

 Better Homes & Gardens have a great guide for every step of this delightfully smelling decoration, and once dry they can last for months.

4. Marbled Baubles


Make your own beautiful marbled baubles at home. All you need are plain baubles, which are available online, a bowl and a couple of colours of nail varnish or enamel paint. 

You simply pour some contrasting colours of nail varnish/ enamel paint on room temperature water and then dip in your blank bauble. It emerges covered in a stunning marble pattern which you can hang to dry.

We're taking a few tips out of The Simple Things handy guide on how to create our very own. 

We are inspired by our friends at Compton Marbling, who make beautiful and timeless hand-marbled products. Everything is made individually using traditional methods in their studio in Dorset. Check out more of what Compton Marbling does HERE, and join one of their marbling courses to create your own beautiful paper to turn into journals after the cost - £70 pp- Find out more info here.

5. Giant Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Colourful tissue pom poms are an easy, cheap, effective and playful way to decorate a room or fireplace.

 From traditional colours to bold and adventurous shades- we’re following The Little Yellow Wheelbarrow's helpful guide with photos of every step, on how you can create a beautiful display. Choose between traditional tissue paper, crepe paper streamers and coffee filters, and more tissue layers are key to creating luscious volume. Display on your mantel, hang above a table or around your window frame.

6. Strings of Popcorn

An old fashioned Christmas decoration, stringing popcorn is an easy way to make biodegradable decor that won't break the bank. You can also include dried fruits, flowers and chillies on your strands.

Chaotically Yours has a helpful step-by-step guide that we’ve used as inspiration. All you need is popcorn, string and a needle. Make sure the popcorn you use is untouched perfectly popped corn- make sure there is no butter, salt or any seasoning on it. Sewing thread works best for this process, as it blends in with the colour and make sure to choose pieces with a fat middle that will allow you to push your needle through. The key is to be gentle and take your time. And before you know it you’ll have a whole tree decorated.

7. Candy Cane Name Holders

We love a beautifully laid table and these candy cane name holders are unusual and fun. We'd style them with brightly coloured napkins, a centrepiece of candles and colourful sweets for a fantasy Lapland aesthetic.

You can find the instructions on Vicky Barone's blog. You'll need three candy canes (these should be placed in a triangle formations so that they can sit up), a hot glue gun (you could probably melt them over a flame though) and a name card. 


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