Colour of the month - RED

Colour lovers rejoice ❤️

Parasol (Olivia Round Bamboo Parasol), Cushion (Fuscia Suzani) & Tassel- East London Parasol, Dress - Kitri, Bedding - Secret Linen Store, Vase - Vaisselle, Mug - Coco & Wolf, Cabinet - Ferm Living, Toast Rack - Matilda Goad, Lamp - Bespoke Lights, Rug - Rugs Direct, Earrings - Shrimps, Ring - Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Candle Holder - Liberty London, Plates - Maison Margaux 


Cherry, crimson, ruby, scarlet, garnet, tomato, holly berry- this month’s colour is red. It’s said to be stimulating and energising, increasing strength and vitality. Just what we need for the Christmas party season.  

Psychology of Red

 Did you know that red is the first colour that babies can see, after black and white? Humans (much like bulls), have a strong reaction to this impassioned shade.

 Advocates of colour psychology believe colour affects human perceptions and behaviours. Hence why we feel more relaxed after spending time in a natural light, and more energised after being in a colourful and vibrant room. The connection between colours and emotions are closely linked, which is why colour is such a powerful tool when designing and dressing a space. 

 Red can raise a room's energy and seeing it triggers the body to unconsciously pump adrenaline around your body - after all, it's the most intense colour on the spectrum wheel. Associated with ambition, action and willpower, red is a great option for offices and creative working spaces. In the living room and dining room, it brings people together and stimulates conversation, while creating a strong impression if used in an entrance hall. 

Red Interiors 

Alfred Hitchcock dining room scene from VertigoRussian Tea Room in New York. Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo. 

 Red interiors can be associated with overstuffed, traditional decor, but it is so much more than that- we suggest using red accents throughout a space to create focal points in an otherwise neutral room.

How interior designers are using red in the home

Incorporating a bold colour into a personal space can be a daunting prospect, so we've listed our favourite interior designers who've used red with stunning effect.

Katie Ridder

Looking through Katie Ridder's portfolio is a joy. She uses every colour in the wheel and beautifully coordinates them to fit together in an unexpectedly gentle riot of colour. We're taking notes on how she uses red against other bold colours to create a harmonious space.

Katie believes that "enveloping a room in one colour creates a blank canvas", which is apparent in the photo above. We love how she's taken the contrasting blue of the armchair across the room with the vase and cushion, blending in the couch.

Beata Heuman 

Beata's interiors have been described as a Maximalist Scandinavian approach to the neo-granny chic style. In an interview with Home & Garden, Beata mentions that "people are too serious about interior design. You can have fun, or you can follow all these rules that don't matter much". We love this freeing approach, when it comes to colour and pattern it's the more the merrier.

Her hand painted red walls (above) are paired with an eclectic mix of art and furniture which may come across a heightened mix of patterns and colour, but they meld together to create a really welcoming scene.

    Marie Anne Oudejans

     Marie-Anne is a master of colour and contrast. She's based in Jaipur and takes inspiration from the Mughal architecture of Rajasthan, using talented painters to create intricate panels in her rooms. She uses canopies, painted scenes and architectural features to catch your eye. Her work is colourful, chic and timeless.

    Diana Vreeland

    When we think of the colour red it's hard not to picture Diana Vreeland lounging in her overwhelmingly monochrome red room. With crimson chinoiserie walls, lacquered doors and vermilion chairs- we admire her unashamedly theatrical approach to her beloved hue. ‘Red,’ she once said, ‘is the great clarifier: bright, cleansing and revealing. It makes all colours beautiful. I can’t imagine becoming bored with red – it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.’

     While we won't be approaching red within the home as passionately as Diana, we hope our colour series will inspire you to be bold with colour, and that red is easier to use and more contemporary than might be supposed. 


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