What cocktail will you be drinking under your parasol?

We’ve all heard about matching our shoes to our jacket and our lipstick to our handbag, but have you ever thought of matching your parasol to your cocktail? Whether you have heard of matchimalism or not (it’s all the rage by the way), we guarantee a colourful adventure.
Catherine X Aloha 65
Catherine round bamboo parasol and octagonal parasol with Aloha
We're diving into a tropical colour and flavour explosion with Aloha. This delicious drink can paired perfectly with our beautiful Catherine Round Bamboo Parasol and Catherine Octagonal Parasol. You probably haven't had a drink quite like Aloha65, as it doesn’t fit neatly into boxes marked “gin” or “vodka”. It’s a spirit infused with fresh pineapple, lemon, ginger, scotch-bonnet chillies and carefully selected herbs and spices. All natural vegan, and lower in alcohol, we can't wait for you to try this.
Liberace & Simone X White Russian


Simone Round Bamboo Parasol, white russian cocktail and liberace octagonal parasol 

Subtly decadent is exactly how we would describe our Simone Round Bamboo ParasolLiberace Octagonal Parasol and a White Russian cocktail. Chic and understated, this fantastic combo is perfect for a mid week summer evening. Surprisingly easy to make, we have added Liqure.com's tasty recipe to our list.

Stevie & Pink Aretha X Summer Cobbler

Stevie Round Bamboo Parasol with Summer cobbler cocktails and pink aretha

Pink is a universally loved colour and will always be a crowd pleaser. Stevie Round Bamboo Parasol and Pink Aretha Octagonal Parasol are gorgeously suited to sunny favourite cocktail, the Summer Cobbler. We're using Southern Living's recipe for the whisky and blackberry infused cocktail. 

Iain X Strawberry Daiquiri 

Iain Octagonal Parasol with Strawberry Daiquiri

Fresh, fruity and flirty combination, we will be reaching for a Strawberry Daiquiri while we recline under the wonderful Iain 1 and Iain 2 Octagonal Parasol. All you need is a lovely ripe punnet of strawbs, white rum, lime juice, as many ice cubes as you desire, and a blender. Spectacularly perfect for a warm summer's day, we're using The Guardian's recipe


Wolfie & Orange Aretha X Lychee Moscow Mule

Wolfie Round Bamboo Parasol with Lychee cockatil and Orange Aretha Octagonal Parasol

Zingy and sweet - just how we like our parasols and cocktails. How faultless do Wolfie Round Bamboo Parasol and Orange Aretha Octagonal Parasol look with Cravings Journal's Lychee Moscow Mule. We confess, this is a rather luxurious cocktail, but with only 4 ingredients; Vodka, ginger beer, lime and lychee juice it is very doable! 


This is a just a rough guide, and we would love to see your creative combinations - all you have to do is tag #lovemyparasol