Introducing The 2024 Parasol Capsule Collection

The inspiration for this East London Parasol Company 2024 Capsule Collection came from a summer exploring botanical gardens. I was entranced by the waterlily house at Kew and so the 2024 parasols are the colours of a pool of flowering lilies.

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Nature never makes a mistake, and boldly combines maroon, tawny, raspberry, violet with shades of marigold, orange, green and primrose yellow. I’ve enjoyed bringing together these sometimes surprising colours to create harmonious designs.

Round Bamboo Parasols

Our round bamboo parasols are made by hand in over 20 separate stages by Balinese artisans. They’re incredibly talented and every part of the parasols is built from scratch, down to the whittling of the parasol arms from bamboo poles. We use sustainable fruit woods and bamboo to create these beautiful parasols using traditional techniques. We have worked with the villages of makers for 7 years and they dictate their own prices, and we don’t haggle over the prices they need to charge.

Octagonal Parasols

Our Octagonal Parasols bring together the best carpentry and the best Indian textiles. The canopies are screen printed and sewn from water resistant canvas in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our frames are made by carpenters and our own designs of brass fittings and pulleys. Each of our Octagonal Parasols is assembled to order here in the UK. 

New 2024 Parasol Bases

We want our parasols to be beautiful from top to toe and our bases are designed to bring together the whole aesthetic (it’s worth noting that you can use any base which fits the pole, you don’t have to use ours) This year we have two new designs of stone base. These are carved entirely by hand by seventh generation stone cutters in Rajasthan, India. We’ve created a stone base inspired by the Mughal columns of Rajasthan- with a classic lotus petal motif based around a hexagonal shape with carved embellishments that whisk you away to a land of spices and desert palaces.

Our other new parasol base design is based on the geometry of the globe artichoke, set upon an hexagonal base. This is a sculptural carved garden parasol base that is pleasing without a parasol!

Which base to choose?

Sallie Round Bamboo Parasol

Our new Sallie Round Bamboo Parasol is a magical and whimsical combination of lavender with hints of orange, gilded by hand painted gold decoration. High summer is full of shades of purple and oranges, and this colourful garden parasol brings the two together in a wonderful and uplifting colour combination. This parasol looks magical in any garden and naturally complements the abundant flowers of our sunny months. It’s simple to style with light fresh colours such as whites, greens, light blues and yellows. 

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Our Lavender Poppy Frill summer cushions look perfect with this stunning parasol. The Sallie parasol would be the perfect choice for a garden party, cocktail hour or a sunny picnic.

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Archer Round Bamboo Parasol

The Archer Round Bamboo Parasol is a bright yet elegant orange with hints of apricot and green. This is our new take on orange, a sophisticated show-stopper and a simple way to introduce warm colour into a garden setting. The combination of orange, peach and green looks as good against a backdrop of greenery as it does beside a pool. 

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We recommend styling this parasol with cushions and accessories in rich blues, yellows, greens or oranges, such as our coral pink Poppy Frill Cushions.

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Noa Round Bamboo Parasol

The Noa Round Bamboo Parasol is a dreamy blend of green melon and honeydew, it’s our most romantic parasol and feels light and airy. Green and pink tones are the perfect summer combination. We’ve combined pastel lime and apricot with handpainted gilding to create this elegant garden parasol. This is a parasol that could be equally at home in flower filled country garden as it would beside a sunlounger and a pool. The colour combination is very adaptable and lends itself to accessorising, it can be styled for a boho look or a garden tea party with ease. 

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Some luxury touches of colourful glassware and our Pink Poppy Frill colourful cushions look wonderful under this parasol for a playful look, and if you’d like the parasol as a main feature then cream tones would make the colours stand out.

Colette Round Bamboo Parasol

The Colette Round Bamboo Parasol is an opulent deep red, almost maroon, with tones of peach, olive and gold. It’s a sophisticated aesthetic that introduces earthy tones to a summer look. This is an elegant and sumptuous garden parasol which looks fabulous against brickwork or foliage whether on a city patio or a rambling countryside garden. The mellow combination of colours is an easy way to incorporate rich, natural warm tones into a garden and will look beautiful into late summer. 

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Our beige and white Taupe Stripe and Leopard cushions can bring this look together, and we’d recommend serving appetisers on brass dishes and setting the table with candlesticks for a luxurious evening occasion.

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Flora Wisteria Print

Our new Flora wisteria print is an instant classic and brings together hints of purple and green for a fresh feel. The flowers and leaves in lilacs and limes contrast with the hydrangea blue tassels for an elegant floral aesthetic which introduces pattern without being over-powering. The flowering wisteria arrives in May heralding the start of summer.

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This pretty and intricate botanical print brings colour and texture without being overpowering. We recommend styling with lovely garden parasol with accessories in light shades of green, white and grey. These garden parasols look glorious against verdant creeper, or the floral pattern can introduce organic softness against brickwork or in a more urban outdoor space. We recommend styling with light shades of green, blue, white and grey.

We love our grey and white Pillar Frill summer Cushions and hand printed Lavender Frilled garden Cushions with these parasols.

We love chevrons and we’ve gone bigger and bolder this year with two new designs of printed zig zag parasols which have a vibe of bohemian Tangier in its international heyday. 

Edmund Green Octagonal Parasol

Our Edmund Green Octagonal Parasol has racing green printed zig zags lined with primrose yellow, it’s both striking and chic. Truly a statement garden umbrella, this is also easy to style with its winning colour combination of racing green and light yellow. The straight valance is both elegant and modern and works well with ornate accessories. Combining the bold zig zags with rich patterns and opulent tones such as brass adds texture and interest to a look.

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We picked up the greens and yellows of this colourful garden parasol and styled it with highly patterned, luxurious cushions, colourful glassware with brass candlesticks. This stylish parasol is perfect for a terrace, rooftop garden, brick courtyard or beside a pool.

Edmund Raspberry Octagonal Parasol

The new Edmund Raspberry Octagonal Parasol is printed with dark fuchsia zig zags and lined with a beautiful coffee colour, which balances the pink and makes this colour combination incredibly versatile. A bold, bright and beautiful garden umbrella that instantly brings a ‘wow’ factor. The raspberry chevrons are toned down by the muted lining. We enjoyed styling it for a fantastical tea party using white and many shades of pink such as our hand printed Fuschia Suzani Cushions, however we also recommend muted shades of yellow, olive, light blue and taupe with this parasol. This octagonal garden parasol is perfect for an urban garden or a seaside terrace, or against the softness of summer flowers in a country garden.  

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The 2024 collection includes two new designs in collaboration with Warner House, we love working with this amazing company and are honoured to be able to rework their heritage prints.

Elizabeth Ruby Parasol

The Elizabeth Ruby Parasol has a canopy screen printed with the Warner House Balmoral Design, recoloured in a rich and regal reddish purple. Inspired by the Chamba Rumals of the 17th century, Balmoral features a dynamic woodland scene of deer, birds and foliage. This stunning garden umbrella will be a focal point in any garden, terrace or courtyard. The deep ruby colouring is lifted by the taupe in the print, matching tassels and the light ash wood of the parasol frame. We recommend styling with similarly sumptuous tones such as darker greens, blues, taupe and dark pinks and purples.

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Peony Jade Octagonal Parasol

The Peony Jade Octagonal Parasol has a canopy screen printed with the Warner House Peony design in jade green. Inspired by the mid 18th century Irish plate printed toiles, this peony and sparrow linen fabric design is reimagined in five colours with a watercolour wash effect, ensuring that this beautiful print does not lose its delicate look.

White and green are the freshest summer combination, the clean colours of this stylish garden parasol against the light wood frame instantly lift a space. The gorgeous print of this handcrafted garden umbrella blends beautifully within a garden or against brickwork, it’s classically elegant and will work as well in any setting.

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This green and white garden parasol is sympathetic to many styling options, we loved using yellows and oranges however almost any lighter colours could work as the green is a fabulous neutral.