How to recreate Wimbledon at home

We really missed Wimbledon last year! Thankfully it is back this week and as usual for two weeks a year, we become professional tennis experts! From Federer's serve, whether ice baths are a good thing, to Murray's hip operations - we are ready to fully immerse ourselves in this wonderful sport. 

Sadly we can't all going to the main court this year, so we wanted to help you recreate it at home - you'll feel as if you were really there! 

Lots of strawberries and cream!!

Pavlova with colourful zig zag napkins

It is estimated that roughly 27 tons of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream are consumed during the Wimbledon tournament. We aren't too surprised when it is just as much part of the day as a tennis ball is! We are taking it up on notch, and making our favourite summer desert, Pavlova, which will of course be smothered in strawberries and cream. We're setting the table with our brand new napkins, a gorgeous colourful addition to your summer outdoor dining and to any lunch, dinner, cocktail or afternoon tea.

Set the scene

Holly Octagonal Parasol with chairs and beautiful cutlery

Who wants to sit inside and watch the matches when the sun is out and shining! We will be enjoying the action under some stylish shade with our Holly Octagonal Parasol. A natural white scallop edged parasol, simple, chic and elegant - the perfect shady spot to enjoy all of the match that lasts for hours on end.

Pimms please

Pimms recipe with fruit

 The unofficial drink of the summer, Pimms naturally goes hand in hand with Wimbledon. This gin-based herbal liqueur, is dark amber in colour with a refreshing spicy-citrusy taste. One of the best parts of drinking it, is all the deliciously soaked fruit at the bottom of the glass. Tennis Life Magazine has a fabulous Pimms Cup recipe we will be recreating over and over for the next fortnight. 

Dress up

Celebrities in Wimbledon

There may not be a dress code for the spectators, but dressing smartly is encouraged. When you're recreating Wimbledon at home, you'll need to embrace the dressing etiquette and dress up for the occasion. You'll be forbidden to wear "ambush marketing" clothing - so no company logos and political slogans, this is a neutral space. Panama hats, however, are a big yes! But, if you find yourself in the Royal box, it's very smart.