Creating a garden sanctuary

We all know that spending time outdoors is excellent for our minds, bodies and souls. Your garden is not just a space for entertaining, you can also create a place of nourishment and self-care by turning as much of it as you like into a place of sanctuary. 

Here are our 8 steps to creating your place of serenity in your garden:

1. Declutter!

Remove those dead plants, that broken chair and general debris to clear your space, and the energy.

2. Define your space:

If you have a larger garden consider designating areas for different purposes. These should be areas for what ever brings you joy, they could be entertaining, herb growing, sun-bathing, playing swing ball, just make sure that they’re delineated so that you can create a special space for your garden sanctuary.

Lexi Round Bamboo Parasol 

3. Privacy:

This is vital, no matter the size of your garden. Use natural elements, such as tall plants like bamboo, hedges, or trellises, to create privacy screens or block an unsightly non-zen view. This will enhance the sense of seclusion and tranquility within your sanctuary. You can also add outdoor curtains or a pergola with flowing fabric to create a more intimate and luxurious atmosphere. If you’re overlooked by upper floor neighbours then a decorative parasol is your best friend- not only will it shield you from interested eyes, it will give them something beautiful to look at! If we were a curious neighbour we’d like to look at the Tracy Round Bamboo Parasol, it’s a gorgeous rich pistachio green with a stunning handpainted gold design on the outside. Inside is just as lovely with intricate handmade threading and tassels.

Tracy Round Bamboo Parasol

4. Paths and walkways:

Go barefoot! Create journeys through your garden, allowing you to explore and discover its hidden corners. Use stepping stones, gravel, or paving brIcks to define the paths and guide your journey. Curved pathways can add a sense of flow and create a more natural feel.

5. Seating and Comfort:

Establish comfortable seating areas where you can relax, unwind and enjoy your garden. Consider adding a bench, hammock, outdoor chair, or even a place to arrange outdoor cushions or bean bags. Arrange the seating strategically to capture the best views or create private nooks within the garden. Ensure your seating is shaded, obviously we recommend a parasol! Our Lexi Octagonal Parasol has flying cranes printed inside, it’s inspired by Japanese woodcuts and aimed to create a calming and zen piece for people to enjoy.

Lexi Octagonal Parasol

6. Ambiance:

make your space embracing and relaxing. Our brains are soothed by the irregularity and undulations of nature. Emphasise the natural softness in your garden, don’t have hard path edges, use curves in your path design and place warm uplighters under trees and grasses so you can enjoy your garden into the evening.

This photo of Green Aretha by @paulbangay made our day, thank you @pimentohillhouse

7. Consider the senses:

Your garden can be filled with fragrant plants and herbs to stimulate your olfactory system, scent can calm or stimulate us. Plants like lavender, jasmine, lemon balm and rose produce perfumes that can soothe and delight you. An area of wildflowers, perhaps produced with a bee bomb, will help the biodiversity of your garden and welcome buzzing bees, butterflies and happy insects, and give your garden a humming soundtrack.

The sound of water can help blot out city noises so consider a small waterfeature such as a fountain bowl, flowing jug, or a water channel like a rill to bring a flow through your space.

Jason Ingram – Stavordale Priory Rill

If water isn’t an option for you our Cher Round Bamboo Parasol has silver fringes made from individual pieces of metal strung together, it tinkles magically in the breeze, similarly you could invest in a lovely windchime like these sun and moon ones. Art lifts a space and whether you’d like a handpainted parasol or a sculpture we recommend including something that inspires you in your garden sanctuary (we love this wire dandelion clock)

Cher Round Bamboo Parasol 

8. Colour!

Our favourite topic! Green is the ultimate colour for relaxation, so include lots of foliage in your garden. Grasses, green foliage and hedges are all green for much of the year. Harmonious flowers such as muted greys, purples and blues with a smattering of white can create a lovely tapestry of calming shades. A buddleia is a hardy purple plant which attracts butterflies, and a rambling dog rose will be low maintenance yet create maximum enjoyment with it’s delicate colour and scent. If you don’t have much space then lavender plants in pots are a beautiful addition, just make sure to water them.

Emma Round Bamboo Parasol