Spice Up Your Home For Autumn

 Here's how we are preparing our garden and home for the Autumn season -

Autumnal mood board
Cushion- Tangerine Suzani (pre order for spring)

We love Autumn and the change it heralds in the temperature and colour. Snuggling up under a soft blanket next to a warm fire with every kind of pumpkin flavour, it's a time to get your home ready for the Fall season. 

Creating a cosy feel within the home is important, but we don't think it should stop at there, we want make sure our gardens are used all year round too. Read our top tips of how you can enjoy your home and garden to its full Autumn potential.

Incorporate Autumnal colours throughout the house:

Autumnal colours

We're mixing earthy browns, subtle ochres, rich oranges and deep red tones- all colours associated with autumn- to create a warming, homely environment.  You can bring the new season into your home easily and with minimal expenditure by including a few choice pieces. 

Adding a splash of colour is an easy and chic way to bring a new season into your home, trust us it will make a world of difference.  Consider some richly coloured cushions, hanging luxurious tassels from cupboard handles, or a large vase of Chinese lanterns which have just come into season. 

Create a delicious atmosphere with scent:

Autumn scents

Scent plays such an important role when it comes to memory, and when we think of Autumn we think of a mouth watering spiced apple with cinnamon, or a chai latte aroma. From candles to diffusers, you can create the perfect cosy and relaxing setting with an array of scents- our sense of smell is very subjective. So whether your preferred smell is ginger, pumpkin pie or cedar wood- there are plenty of gorgeous scents for you.  

Top left - Cedar Stack by Boy Smells = Marrying woody notes of cedar chips, white musk and juniper berry alongside dried tobacco- with a mix of floral notes. Pure nostalgia.

Top Right - Lavender + Bay by Scoom = Using only 3 natural ingredients, soy wax, oils and cotton wicks, this is a non toxic candle that is hand poured in the UK. Lavender + Bay fills the room without being a heavy candle, very cosy and homely.

Bottom left - Autumn Signature by White Company = A wonderfully bright and fruity scent inspired by afternoons spend picking fruits an orchard. A delicious combination of crisp pear, quince and apricot is blended with musk and amber. Heavenly.

Bottom Right - L'Elide by Diptyque = Featuring bitter orange, nutmeg, lavender and sandalwood, that will make your house smell wonderful day or night. A candle inspired by ancient Greek myths and legends, and it has a gorgeously chic vessel.

Get outside with the use of fairy lights: 

 Al fresco evening outside with fairy lights

 We love using our parasols all year round- they're absolute show stoppers and deserve to be admired at all times- however its important to create the perfect setting. Fairy lights or festoon lighting are a fantastically easy way to instantly create a cosy atmosphere. Hang from trees, drape over your garden wall or house, the addition of warm lighting will create a romantic glow, and you'll never want to leave your garden. Complete the ultimate inviting garden with a fire pit, perfect for roasting marshmallows and toasting yourself on those colder evenings. 

Decorate your home with dried fruit and flowers:

DIY dried fruit for decoration

We love a good DIY, especially if it involves goods that we already have lying around the house. Drying your own fruit is really easy, and is a fabulous natural, rustic style of decoration that everyone can do. We want to bring an unloved corner to life, and this is the perfect way to do it. with dried fruit to make a statement. We're using The Crafty Gentleman's creative and simply beautiful drying technique- in love with the use of chillies and star anise- perfect for Autumn and Christmas time. 

It's hydrangea and Chinese lantern season and both these flowers dry beautifully so you can invest and enjoy them all year round. Make sure to keep them away from moisture whilst they dry so they don't go brown- and then you can use them to decorate your home all winter. 

We love Willow Crossley's videos on instagram for inspiration.

Warm your belly with a baked desert

We're making more of an effort to cook seasonally and this is much easier if you choose local produce. It's apple season, and our mouths are watering over Wild Wild Whisk's apple tart with almond paste filling. A definite crowd pleaser, the sweet and delicious take on an apple tart will be a hit for all of your dinner parties. If almonds aren't your thing, don't worry you can stick to the good old classic apple pie or even a crumble.
Pie crusts
We've been gathering inspiration for our pies and tarts on our Pinterest board, as you can see there's so much scope for creativity.

Stay tuned on our blog for the latest hows and dos of creating your own DIY festivity.