A Rainbow of Styling Inspiration

Sit back and relax as we take a stroll through the rainbow and discuss a few pointers that will make choosing & styling your parasol an easy & breezy process.


Red tones are the ultimate dynamic summer look. Don’t be afraid to combine red and pink, and even burnt orange. If you are creating a look using warm toned parasols use the colours of the surrounding foliage and any features such as walls or stone to guide your accessories. If your garden is pared back then build a colourful scene under your parasols with a riot of warm tones. But in a more verdant or busy setting placing patterned, muted green and cool coloured accessories underneath looks very inviting. 


(above) Whitney and Etta Round Bamboo Parasols


The addition of a yellow parasol will quickly take your garden to new levels of happiness. A centrepiece you will want to gather around. Yellow is a fabulously easy colour to style if you want to introduce a range of colours into your garden, many brighter colours of both warm and cool tones look great with it. Yellow parasols look all the more glorious when surrounded by complimentary cushions (orange, blue, green- the rainbow is yours!) and bright flowers growing in your garden.


(above) Augusta Round Bamboo Parasol


Adding some green tones is a very elegant way to introduce colour, they’re a stylish and safe option in the best way. Our darker green parasols have lighter interiors so sitting underneath them feels expansive, and they contrast beautifully against red brick and terracotta. Green is an excellent neutral and you can create a welcoming look with accessories in pink, blue, orange or shades such as cream and beige.


(above) Daisy Octagonal Parasol

(above) Emma Round Bamboo Parasol


Cyan, navy, turquoise, aqua, midnight blue, sky blue, royal blue, and aquamarine to name a few. Blue shades are remarkable when put together and create a surprising and chic aesthetic. The glory of these lovely blue hues is that they also work well with patterns and neutral settings. If you have a smaller garden or lots of foliage then a cool toned parasol will blend with the natural colours, and can make your space look larger.


 (above) Laurie Round Bamboo Parasol and sky blue Suzani cushion 

 (above) Cosima Round Bamboo Parasol


When I first started designing parasols I felt afraid of purple, but creating the Arlo parasol (below) started a little love affair with this regal shade. This photo from a lovely customer shows how touches of red in surrounding foliage & flowers adds a beautiful depth to this colour.

Purple pairs incredibly well with shades of light yellow and orange with a background of green foliage- don't be scared of clashing or unfortunate 1970's colour schemes. I promise it works! Try the Tangerine Suzani cushion or Yellow Suzani cushions as accents and you'll see what I mean.


(above) Arlo Round Bamboo Parasol

(above) Heidi and Arlo Round Bamboo Parasols


We love pinks, they are magic shades that can make everyone and everything look happy and well. Blush pinks are subtle and chic, they’re set off by glorious foliage and look fantastic against wisteria and any climbing plant. Modern gardens can be hard to style and if you have a lot of grey in the structure of your home, these colours can help lift and complement it.  

Pinks are very easy to style, you can amplify the pink with even more pink, orange and yellow accessories for the ultimate summer colour combination. My personal favourite is to pair pink with green, mirroring pink flowers as nature never makes a mistake! Our Lime suzani cushion is a winner paired with a pink parasol- it's like strawberries and cream and a glass of Pimms.


 (above) Maya Round Bamboo Parasol

(above) Stevie Round Bamboo Parasol (photo credit Rosanna Falconer)


Clean and bright, white parasols conjure an instant feeling of summer. Our parasols have beautiful wooden frames and brass fittings which, combined with a white canopy, bring a feeling of luxury and elegance to an outdoor set up. They’re airy and light, perfect against foliage, brickwork, masonry or poolside.

The glory of a white parasol is that you can style it how ever you like. For a classic navy and cream aesthetic, our Leopard cushions have a chic beige stripe on the back which compliments any setting, and they look fabulous with our Indigo Suzani cushions.


(above) Bill 2 Octagonal Parasol

(above) Gloria Octagonal Parasol


This year we’ve gone for a cottage feel with fine stripes, floral patterns and frilled edges. The cushions are block printed by hand in Jaipur, India on beautiful quality cotton. They have a frilled edge, a pattern on the front and a striped back so you can flip them over to change the look. They have JUST arrived in stock- so please don't miss out as they've been selling like hotcakes.