A Garden Fit for Summer

In amongst the inevitable April showers there are always glimmers of spring sunshine for us to look towards. As the days grow longer, it feels like our minds and bodies are drawn to outside spaces and away from the semi hibernation that winter can bring. This time of year also often connects us with a wonderful sense of renewal and positive energy that can be used as a fantastic tool to reorder and reshape the environments that we live in.

East London Parasol Company has long been a firm believer in the joy and wonder that approaching these kinds of projects can bring. Whether your outside haven is a garden or a balcony, a patio or a nook, or anything in between from verdant sprawling lawns to a more functional modern decking, it’s much more than an extension of your living space. It can become a blueprint for how you want to spend your time, and how you want to feel throughout the entire year.

Get the Nook Look

Dressing a nook may mean creating an inviting space to escape from the world for a while, or perhaps even laying the foundations for an alfresco study for those occasional work from home days when the sun shines. Choose a statement centre-piece from which to build your garden nest. Our Artichoke Octagonal Parasol base provides a versatile base for a luxury parasol that acts as a foundation statement to set the scene. This is stunning sandstone, expertly crafted by seventh generation stone carvers of Rajasthan, surrounded by the Thar desert and Aravalli mountains. The remarkable design of this piece is based on the geometry of the globe artichoke with a thematic artistry that connects it with the natural world in bold and striking terms. 

An ornamental feature is the building block for a small garden nook and a beautiful opportunity to play with styles to create an embracing little outdoor room. You can draw further inspiration from craft heritage and include some cushions in richly woven fabrics such as ikats and tapestry, and Moroccan brass lanterns will bring a touch of the exotic to your own private retreat.

The Perfect Patio

Getting the ambience of your patio just right as the mercury begins to rise should never be seen as a chore. It is an amazing opportunity to breathe new life into an environment that you may have neglected in the colder months. As part of our incredible collaboration with Warner House, we think the Jade Peony Octagonal Parasol is the essential luxury parasol to help celebrate throwing those doors open to spring and stepping outside once again. The breathtaking peony and sparrow lined fabric design takes inspiration from the Irish plate printed toiles of the mid 18th Century. Seven separate printing screens are used to achieve a watercolour wash effect that preserves the beautiful and delicate look of the fabric design. The parasol silhouette is influenced by classic Arabian valances to compliment any modern stone or wooden patio construction.

Dressing the Sun Trap

The aesthetic value of a luxury garden parasol is clear to see, it’s a one-stop show-stopper. The vibrant riot of colour that blooms from them alongside nature’s own abundant palette makes them the ultimate outdoor space accessory. As you become more familiar with your garden you begin to appreciate where those wonderfully warm sun traps appear throughout the day. This is your cue to create an area that will work for you. Our Archer Round Bamboo Parasol is a great choice for that late afternoon sun sweet spot. This is an elaborately exotic Balinese parasol, with a deep orange twill immaculately hand-painted with a gold ink lotus design. The handmade fringing is orange lifted by hints of fresh green, with gilded wooden beading. A hand carved bamboo wood pole adds an antique majesty with its golden painted details and hand carved finials. This is a gorgeous and theatrical alfresco addition to any location that finds itself looking for that all important sun shade.

A Den for Your Eden

Upcycling and repurposing the existing furniture you have in your garden is a practical, sustainable and simple way to refresh your space. The easiest way is to add a few new well-selected items to your outdoor scene. Choosing new accessories and outdoor embellishments allows you to transform a space, bringing in new colours, themes and trends with little fuss, for a big impact. Statement cushions can be a key ingredient in this transformation and our Suzani collection offers a flexible choice. These flamboyant hand block painted gems are inspired by the decorative textile embroidery of Central Asia. One side has a bold block print motif in three or four colours and the other side has a single-colour Balinese peacock print - so you can flip them over when you want to change the look. These cushions are available in a range of colours to sit underneath every luxury parasol and upon any furniture. Colourful cushions are the simplest way to cheer up outdoor décor.

No Time Like the Present

So…what are you waiting for? This is your sign to get back outside and start planning how you want your balcony to blossom, your garden to grow or your patio to prosper. Spring is in the air and East London Parasol Company is excited to see what you can do to make the most of it!