6 things to consider when choosing a luxury garden parasol

When I started this company 9 years ago the vast majority of garden parasols on the market were white, dark green, beige or black. It’s become a personal mission to create ever more beautiful designs and to push the parameters of how colourful and lovely a garden parasol can be. A parasol can elevate an aesthetic, it’s literally a large canvas for expression and you can choose one which adorns your outdoor space and makes a style statement.

Here are our 6 key things to consider when choosing a luxury parasol:

1. Does it fit your space?

The first thing is to measure the space you have to make sure the garden parasol fits. Think about how you’re going to use it and choose a parasol that works with your lifestyle and aesthetic. Our Round Bamboo Parasols are lightweight and weigh 6kg, they come in a cotton storage bag and don’t take up much space, our Octagonal Parasols are 15kg so they’re heavier and more robust but a bigger item to move around and store.

Thank you to Tamsin Ayers @tamsin_vintage_attic for sending us this beautiful photo of our Dayla Round Bamboo Parasol. We think it fits your space beautifully!

2. What’s your style?

A parasol is a one-stop show-stopper, it’s the cherry on the cake of any summer look and an easy way to add colour or pattern to your garden. Be brave, sunlight and foliage are forgiving and you can choose more vibrant pieces than you would for an interior. You can easily accessorise a parasol with throw cushions underneath, a tablecloth and napkins. The parasol can dictate a look and bring a scene together. 

Our Flora Round Bamboo Parasol set with our Poppy Frill Cushions

3. Where will you use your parasol?

The garden is a great place to be bold with design choices and a parasol creates an inviting space. I firmly believe the underneath of a garden parasol should be as appealing and attractive as the exterior. If the parasol will be overlooked by higher windows I’d recommend a patterned canopy to add visual interest. If you’ve got a smaller garden like mine in London, I’d put the emphasis on having a patterned interior to the parasol so you can enjoy the print.

Our Edmund Raspberry Octagonal Parasol looking completely fabulous! Thank you to Tara Heath Arnold @tara_the_celebrant for sending us this photo. 
Looking upwards into our beautiful Lexi Octagonal Parasol canopy 

4. Will you shade a dining table?

If you’re shading an alfresco dining table, measure the dining table, check the diameter of the pole hole and look at the space underneath to see what sort of base will fit. If there’s a parasol hole in the table I’d advise getting a parasol which has a width close to the size of the table. If you’re planning to put a parasol beside a table then either opt for a large parasol, or two smaller parasols that you can move around. I don’t think that you need a square or rectangular parasol to match the shape of the table, rounded edges are softer and more welcoming.

Showing us how it's done! Thank you to @ali_crane for this fabulous photo of our Jane Round Bamboo Parasol

5. Selecting a base for your parasol

Parasol bases are key, you need to make sure your parasol is well anchored to prevent any Mary Poppins-style adventures. Check what ground surface you’ll be using your parasol on and how sheltered it is from the wind. Wind is the mortal enemy of parasols. If your parasol will be through a table then make sure you select a base which will fit underneath, many tables have wooden bars underneath to stabilise them.

If you’ll be using your parasol free-standing I’d advise choosing the heaviest possible base for use on hard, level ground. If you’re planning to use a parasol on grass then try a ground spike.

A decorative base can perfectly round off your parasol. If you’re shading a seating area then the parasol base becomes a focal point, I’d advise choosing a decorative base which complements your set up. My current favourite is our sculptural Artichoke Base, the parasol almost sprouts out of the hand carved stone artichoke flower. For the best space efficiency we make bases which can also act as small side-tables.

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6. Caring for your parasol

A parasol can crown a garden and bring enjoyment for many years so it’s important to be aware that luxury parasols need some care for a long and happy life. We advise drying them off fully before storing them, and if your parasol is wooden then treat it with linseed oil once a year, and avoid storing it next to a radiator over winter.