Do I need one?

Do you want one? There you go.

Are they waterproof?

Each East London Parasol is handmade and unique with its own character. The materials used in the parasols vary. Please be prepared to carry out a little care in order to enjoy many happy summers with your fair weather friend.

These parasols are glamorous and gorgeous divas and are intended primarily as sun shades so please don’t get them too wet. A few splodges are fine, just make sure they’re fully dried off before you put them away. Treat them as you would your cushions.

Big Aretha, Big Liberace (3m wooden frame)  and Nina (palm print) are made using waterproof canvas, and will be more water resistant, however we still suggest you bring them in when it rains. 

Please under no circumstances use any of the parasols in windy weather conditions. A fall will damage them.

Delivery and Returns

We send our goods with reputable couriers. Please retain your packaging as we cannot accept returns without this. If you have any issue please contact us within 7 days at info@eastlondonparasols.com and we will be happy to help sort any issue.

Returns are the responsibility of the customer. Please notify us by email if you are making a return and we will provide the return address. Please retain proof of postage.

If you would like to buy multiple parasols please get in touch for reduced shipping rates.


My parasol is difficult to open

On first opening your bamboo parasol you may find it rather stiff because of the new bamboo and stiff fabric. Be assured it does get easier. We recommend that you open the top half the wrong way up- pushing gently against the floor until you see the peg hole in the pole, then put the peg in. Once the parasol is open,  turn it the right way up and put the two halves together. Please don't push the parasol beyond its limits. (Cher, Etta, Liberace, Nina, Tracy, Stevie, Whitney)

For our 3m wooden framed parasols (Big Aretha and Big Liberace) please ensure the cord is positioned in the runners before attempting to open.

What do I get with my parasol?

All the parasols come in two halves with a storage bags. Stands are not included. 

The small metal parasol is in two halves which join together with a cog mechanism so you can alter the tilt of the canopy for optimum shade. The bottom pole has a ground spike on the end for those vital parasol moments when you don’t have a stand to hand.

The smaller bamboo and wooden ones come in two halves with a metal shaft and peg for stability. They don't tilt.

Big Aretha and Big Liberace are on wooden frames with metal fittings. The pole comes in two halves and there is a cord to raise the parasol.

Do you sell stands?

For the smaller parasols we sell extra pointy ground spikes that you can hammer with a mallet and take anywhere.

We have beautiful decorative heavy stands for our smaller bamboo parasols.

For Big Aretha and Big Liberace we suggest purchasing stands from an online garden center, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Homebase or B&Q.

Which stand should I buy?

For smaller parasols (2m): If your parasol isn't in a table you need a heavier stand weighing 20kg minimum. The 2m metal parasol poles are 1inch (25mm) so choose a stand which has a narrow fitting. The Balinese bamboo parasol poles are 35mm diameter.

Our parasol stand fits all our bamboo parasols.

For the larger parasols you need a heavy, good quality stand of minimum 25kg.

Care for your parasol

Every parasol is unique with its own eccentricities. The materials used in the parasols vary and are mostly handmade. Please be prepared to carry out a little care on your fair weather friend

Please don't use them in windy weather conditions, it's not a good idea.

In the unlikely event that the fabric develops a hole this is easily mended with needle and thread. The silver fringe may sometimes tangle, but you simply shake it out. It is simply made and simple to repair. Store your parasol in its bag as upright as possible to avoid irritation.

What if I've lost one of the bits?

If you have any problems please get in contact, we're happy to help.

Can I rent one?

Generally no, but for extra special things we might be persuaded. Please contact us for more information info@eastlondonparasols.com