About us

East London Parasol Company was founded in 2015 and launched in June 2016.

It has been a journey and adventure bringing together gorgeous fabrics and hand crafts from across India and Indonesia to create ever more decadent garden parasols. We are delighted to add matching cushions, table cloths and napkins to our range, hand block printed on the highest quality cottons with sumptuous tassels.

Whilst living in Kerala, southern India, Lucy saw decorative parasols used in religious celebrations. Inspired by the riotous colours she bought her own to celebrate under, little knowing this would lead to a business. On her return to east London she continued to celebrate under her parasols and soon no occasion was complete without one. 

The parasols are a labour of love and artisanal alchemy, made across India and Indonesia. The silver fringes are made in Kerala by the temple umbrella makers and have been flown to Bali and become part of their traditional parasols. The canopies are made by talented people using hand block printed cottons from Jaipur and hand-painted fabrics from Bali.

Each parasol and cushion is made by hand, using traditional handcrafts to create contemporary designs. Our ethos at East London Parasol Company is to keep artisans in work, creating high quality competitive goods and sustaining their craft. Many of these processes can't be mechanised, and if they were the beauty and personality of the fabrics would be lost. Our designs work with the limitations of hand made fabrics to create unique pieces that machines cannot make.

The parasols were made by cheerful people. Lucy worked alongside them and they shared sweets and stories. The parasols weren't made in a dark room full of sewing machines, and they wouldn't be here if it weren't for the people. You can read more about them on our blog.