Sandstone stand (bamboo and metal parasols) preorder spring 2021

East London Parasol Company Ltd

  • Base for metal parasols out of stock. Orders will be for spring 2021
  • Base for bamboo parasols out of stock. Orders will be for spring 2021
  • For use with our bamboo and metal parasols including Big Simone.
  • Metal pole (Arethas, Marvin, Dolly, David, Michelle)
  • Bamboo (Arlo, Bette, Cher, Etta, Gloria, Goldie, Heidi, Kate, Jane, Meryl, Nina, Pink Nina, Lexi, Olive, Big Simone, Simone, Stevie, Tracy, Whitney, William)
  • Please note this item is delivered in a wooden crate

For use with all our 2m parasols. Made by seventh generation stone carvers from Rajasthan, this is a very special decorative garden umbrella stand and part of India's craft heritage.

A gorgeous addition...
to your summer outdoor scene. Can be used under an outdoor dining table or by a pool, sun lounger, on a patio or terrace.

This stand is decorative and practical, a low profile and beautiful garden umbrella base for your parasol. It weighs around 27kg.

Please note that the stone is natural and there may be variations. Colours may vary due to the beauty of nature.

Height 40cm
Width 34cm
Weight 27kg

Please ensure you select the correct stand. 

Please read the FAQs.

Metal pole diameter 1 inch.

Bamboo pole diameter 3.5-4cm 

  • Metal pole (Arethas, Marvin, Dolly, David)
  • Bamboo pole (Arlo, Bette, Cher, Etta, Goldie, Jane, Simone, Big Simone, Nina, Pink Nina, Meryl, Kate, Heidi, Olivia, Lexi, Stevie, Tracy, Whitney)

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