Ground spike / stand (bamboo parasols) pre order for spring 2021

East London Parasol Company Ltd

  • Pre order for spring 2021
  • Brilliant for grass, angling the parasol and portable for picnics
  • For all our bamboo parasols
  • Bamboo pole - (Arlo, Bette, Cher, Etta, Gloria, Goldie, Heidi, Kate, Jane, Meryl, Nina, Pink Nina, Lexi, Olive, Big Simone, Simone, Stevie, Tracy, Whitney, William)

Stainless steel ground spike for hard ground. For use with all our parasols except our 3m wooden Big ones.

Simple to use and the perfect way to take your parasol anywhere. Simply use a mallet to put the spike into the ground and pop your parasol in the tube.

Made in the UK.

Bamboo parasol spike:

  • -Arlo
  • -Bette
  • -Big Simone
  • -Cher
  • -Etta
  • -Goldie
  • -Jane
  • -Heidi
  • -Kate
  • -Lexi
  • -Meryl
  • -Nina
  • -Olivia
  • -Pink Nina
  • -Simone
  • -Stevie
  • -Tracy
  • -William
  • -Whitney

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