Big Bill II (3m) delivery Feb

East London Parasol Company Ltd

  • Delivery February
  • For Christmas gifts we will send a beautiful handmade red silk tassel with card to open on the day (pictured) Last post 18th December. Please email to confirm (extra costs apply outside UK)
  • 10% of sales go to the William Morris Gallery
  • 3m width
  • Waterproof canvas
  • Different covers available
  • Base not included

Handcrafted frame made in the UK. Handcrafted frame made in the UK. Stunning William Morris pattern interior with natural waterproof canvas exterior. 

William Morris Gallery

The lining is screen printed using 24 screens- it is a long and painstaking process.

The canopy is easily removable to swap with any our Big Parasol covers, or for cleaning. The corners are Velcro and removing the cover is a simple matter of undoing the corners and unscrewing the wooden top piece. Our goal is that you treat a parasol cover like a summer hat, alternating the covers to change your outdoor scene.

The frame is made from elegant, pale wood with brass fittings and a cast grey slider. The parasol comes with a carry bag, please note this not waterproof.

This parasol is perfect for a terrace, on a patio, through your table with an umbrella hole or by your sun lounger at the pool.

This is a very special parasol, each part specifically made for East London Parasol Co. Big William is an elegant, chic design statement, and supports the William Morris Gallery in their continued work and promotion of hand craft.

Also available in other William Morris designs. These are handmade items and there may be some variation in colour.

Limited stock.

All cushions shown in the photographs are available on the website. 

We have a carved stone base available for this parasol. We only sell our own designs, however other less beautiful ones are available online. 

Please buy the heaviest and widest base you can find for a 4.5- 5cm pole, at least 30kg.

Please read the FAQs for information- all the information you need is there, we promise.

Width: 300cm

Height: 270cm

Eye Height: 230cm

Pole width: 5 cm 

Weight: 14kg

Price includes VAT

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