Embellishment Lust List

It's all in the detail- artisan crafted, beautifully made items that are something out of the ordinary. They introduce texture and a touch of magic to any space- read on for our Embellishment Lust List...

This beaded Anselme chandelier could be styled up as a focal point in a darker coloured room, or blend into a pale palette adding luxurious character.





A snazzy fringed hammock is surely a mandatory addition to any garden, after a parasol... This pink number from Anthropologie is beautiful and the perfect place to laze away on a sunny day.



Our Liberace parasol has oodles of embellishment from top to bottom. It's handcarved pole and finial, hand painted gold decoration, inner threading and exquisite fringing are triumphs of traditional artisan craft.




This Azilal rug is made in Morocco, hand woven on looms using old techniques with natural wool. This rug is completely unique with a design that is created by eye. Francesca Gentilli sources each rug individually and has a very special selection of pieces.



At East London Parasol Company we love tassels. This season's collection has opulent gold tassels at the corners of our own design peacock block print.


House of Hackney sell fantastic and eccentric home wares and this cheetah lamp couldn't be more wonderful.



No definitive list of desirable embellishments for the home would be complete without mentioning DeGournay's handpainted wallpaper. It's impossible to choose a favourite among their stunning designs.