Block printing in Jaipur


Block printing is a true art form and a painstaking process. It's a beautiful method of patterning cloth and the results are characterful, unique and personal.

We work with people in Jaipur who are masters of their craft, but if these talented artisans aren't kept in work then the craft will die out and be lost to future generations.

Creating pattern using blocks has its limitations, you can only design using around 4 colours unless, like Dolly, you have a labour intensive pattern of many separate blocks.

Dolly parasol East London Parasol Company block printing


Before the printing even begins you have to design the pattern, carve the blocks, prepare the ink trays, mix and test the inks and then stretch the fabric and measure out the edges using newspaper and threads.



The process itself is a rhythmic dance as the printer imprints the pattern twice on each section before matching it perfectly and moving along the cloth.

When the cloth comes to a join the printer uses newspaper to make sure the block doesn't cross over. The result is a gorgeous, inimitable pattern.



Our parasols use this traditional craft for our contemporary designs and we're so proud to work with such talented people.